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Manufactured from HSS-E for increased hardness and toughness, to improve edge strength and provide resistance to wear and prolonged tool life.

Hard Chrome Plating (Cr) under specific conditions increases surface hardness significantly, achieving values up to 68HRc. It prevents the swarf from sticking and is especially suitable when tapping structural grade steels, carbon steels, copper and brass.


Technische Details

5/16” UNF
3/16” BSW
1/4” BSW
5/16” BSW
3/8” BSW
5/8” BSW
M3 x 0.5
M4 x 0.7
M5 x 0.8
M6 x 1
M8 x 1.25
M10 x 1.5
M12 x 1.75
M16 x 2
M20 x 2.5


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